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    Bug 1595789: Make NULL urlsecret work during installation · a334a69e
    Aaron Wells authored
    It was failing because we'd set the default value on
    param_alphanumext() to "null". But if the default passed
    to that function evaluates to false (as null does), then
    the function acts as if you've passed no default, and
    hence it's a required function.
    Further, the template form where we add the urlsecret
    to the install button, in case of a null urlsecret,
    would wind up adding "urlsecret=" to the end of the
    URL. param_alphanumext() would see the presence of
    the "urlsecret" query parameter, so it would evaluate
    this to match its regex, which requires there to be
    at least one character in the value. And then that
    would throw a "ParameterException" when the check failed.
    Change-Id: I1fb4ed7bcfe14155532e4ebb5d8c0dbdc33d1d36
    behatnotneeded: Can't yet test in behat