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    Bug 1837194: Allow going directly to a message from a URL · ab0a0975
    Peter Spicer authored
    For normal messages, going to the inbox and unhiding a message is fine,
    but if the message is one that will have been synced to an LMS, the user
    is quite likely to come from the LMS via a direct link to the message itself.
    This allows us to expand a message - albeit on the proviso that it is on
    the first page of results, though this is a scenario that never came up in
    a year of user testing.
    I did include a Behat test, though I had to write a new step to cover the
    specifics of 'going directly to a message'.
    Change-Id: I0e68fcc37f1ed453b6c43ce939d8c2a3a60b292e
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