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    New plugin as user-message system to multiple recipients · b7606a0a
    Tobias Zeuch authored
    Bug 1246702: This is a plugin that replaces the current user notifications with a
    message system for multiple recipients.
    - The plugin redirects calls to sendmessage.php and inbox.php.
    - New Usermessages are stored in a separate table from the userrelation, where there
      is also kept track of whether the notification has been read or deleted.
    - Messages aren't deleted from the database, until all participantas (sender and all
      recievers) delete it.
    - The plugin comes with an outbox that shows messages that have been sent by the
      logged in user.
    - Both inbox and outbox show new messages and old messages alike.
    Note that the code is at pre-release state:
    The message-count per user is kept up to date with database-triggers, as is done for
    the old system.
    For this new system, you might not want to install it on a productive system or it
    might mess up your message count when you deactivate the plugin.
    Change-Id: I586af86266b5fb0e2d676bd1401b7d879d0122ef
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTobias Zeuch <tobias.zeuch@kic-innoenergy.com>