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    Merge changes I63522438,I11957609,I421e168c,I2f181f4f,I49b245f7,Icc209c64,If893af92,I0ffcb3f3,Ib32058fa,I799bcfaf,I208ee9ee,Ieb7d19b1
    * changes:
      Manually and automatically copying of institution and site collections (Bug #886080)
      Show the lang string "Copying is allowed" for collections (Bug #886080)
      Fix the bug when copying a collection from another user (Bug #886080)
      Change lang strings in Edit access (Bug #886080)
      Enable Navigation block for group, institution and site collections (Bug #886080)
      Copy institution views and collection to the new member's portfolio (Bug #886080)
      Copy site views and collections to the new user's profile (Bug #886080)
      Copy site collections for the new group (Bug #886080)
      Add new parameter to template creation functions (Bug #886080)
      Enable collections in groups and institutions (Bug #886080)
      Add 2 new fields: "group" and "institution" into the table "collection"
      Fix a bug in Collection::_construct($data)
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