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    Bug 1813987: Blocks display fixes · ccc2446d
    Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored
    - assessment block: tinymce and the asseesment js
    need to be initialized after the block is loaded
    - signoff block: sing-off modal is showing now
    - embedded media init functions need to be loaded after
    the blocks are added to the grid
    - wall post block initializes the tinyMCE after it's loaded
    and refreshes the content of the block after a new post is made
    - comment block: update block size when adding a comment
    - scrolling to the block when a new one is added
    - modified the text for button to add a new block to the page
      'Drag to add a new block' for normal mode
      'Click to add a new block' for accessibility mode
    - add a block to the bottom of the page by default so it won't
    break the layout
    - add SE annotation to the bottom of the page
    - added 'Add block' button event handlers after trnaslating a view
    - annotation feedback loads the tinyMCE
    Change-Id: I7642cacde729a2a85b497e077452de792ec72eb7
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