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    Bug 1600099: Cleanup of the webservice admin page · ce1a97ac
    Aaron Wells authored
    This patch does a few things:
    1. Renames "webservice_enabled" config to "webservice_provider_enabled",
    to indicate that this config only controls Mahara's actions as
    a webservice provider, *not* a webservice client.
    2. Renames all the "webservice_<protocol>_enabled" configs to
    "webservice_provider_<protocol>_enabled" to indicate that they only
    control whether Mahara will provide webservices via that protocol,
    and not whether Mahara will use that protocol as a client.
    3. Renames "webservice_connections_enabled" config to
    "webservice_requester_enabled", to clarify that this config
    controls whether Mahara is allowed to request webservices
    from external sources.
    4. Updates language strings to make these changes clearer.
    5. Rearranges and renames the form methods in
    webservice/admin/index.php to make the flow of control more
    obvious. Now the main form method is first, followed in order
    by the methods that generate its subforms and each of their
    submit handlers.
    behatnotneeded: Covered by existing tests
    Change-Id: I58dadb352d1f1542ca67a104ebfd702b4ca90fc9