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    Bug 1811904: Fontawesome - yet more name changes · e84165b0
    Rebecca Blundell authored
    icon-calendar       -> icon-regular icon-calendar-alt
    icon-check-square-o -> icon-regular icon-check-square
    icon-square-o       -> icon-regular icon-square
    icon-circle-o         -> icon-regular icon-circle
    icon-legal          -> icon-gavel
    icon-level-up       -> icon-level-up-alt
    icon-long-arrow-down-> icon-long-arrow-alt-down
    long-arrow-left     -> icon-long-arrow-alt-left
    long-arrow-right    -> icon-long-arrow-alt-right
    long-arrow-up       -> icon-long-arrow-alt-up
    icon-remove         -> icon-times || icon-user-times
    (times is the 'x'used elsewhere, user-times is the 'x' next to a profile person.
    Remove has been removed so I have deleted it from the styleguide)
    icon-level-up       -> icon-level-up-alt
    icon-heart-o        -> icon-regular icon-heart
    icon-arrows         -> icon-arrows-alt
    icon-sign-in        ->icon-sign-in-alt
    Change-Id: Ia2cd81ea24119a7d0fec3000af1eaf2571a2a62b
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