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    add pluggable anti spam features for forms · f307844a
    Evan Goldenberg authored
    This is a pluggable anti-spam infrastructure for protecting forms in
    Mahara again spam.
    The contact and register forms have been modified to include the
    following anti-spam features:
        - hashed field names
        - honey pot (invisible) fields
        - submission time monitoring
    Additionally, content checking is provided by the following spam traps:
        - NoneSpamTrap: the base class for other spam traps, does no
          checking on its own
        - SimpleSpamTrap: provides basic checks that don't require an
          internet connection
        - AdvancedSpamTrap: provides better checks that require an internet
          connection, including checking for the existence of mailservers
          and the presence of blacklisted URLs
    New spam traps can easily be created by adding a file to lib/antispam
    with the name MyTrapNameSpamTrap.php. Added spam traps will be
    automatically detected and available for selection in the site options
    Signed-off-by: default avatarEvan Goldenberg <evang@catalyst.net.nz>
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