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    Make 'Student ID' specific for the institution when using LDAP (bug #918442) · fce5c16c
    Iñaki Arenaza authored
    When we added the ability to map Student ID and Display from a LDAP
    server, we completely forgot that the Student ID can be specific for
    the institution. In fact, if we don't store the Student ID in
    usr_institution we are not able to search for the user in the
    institution users page using the Studend ID.
    Full credit goes to Patrick Pollet for discovering the bug and
    proposing a fix for it.
    Change-Id: I545bbcb5addf837364ed1178be340d170d4114e3
    Signed-off-by: default avatarIñaki Arenaza <iarenaza@mondragon.edu>
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