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    Allow plugin theme files to live under the /theme and /local directory · fd85506f
    Aaron Wells authored
    Bug 1231755. In order to make it easier for custom theme authors to customize
    the appearance of plugins, I'm adding the /theme directory to the search path
    for plugin files.
    Example: smarty->display('artefact:fun:path/to/file.tpl')
    Old searchpath:
    New searchpath (in order of precedence):
    1. /local/theme/artefact/fun/templates/path/to/file.tpl
    2. /theme/(themename)/artefact/fun/templates/path/to/file.tpl
    3. /artefact/fun/theme/(themename)/path/to/file.tpl
    Further notes:
    The /local directory doesn't have separate copies for separate
    themes. It's a sitewide override of all themes.
    For some reason theme directories under plugins don't have a "templates"
    directory. The templates sit loose under the theme directory. In my new
    version, plugin directories under themes DO have a "templates" directory.
    Change-Id: Id90ee1d1dec0bda93a0d30e54229fd7dacbe5b96