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    Bug 1760732: Add warning for upgrade of configurable themes · 8cac996b
    Rebecca Blundell authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
    Add 'customthemeupdate' flags for any institution to the
    institution_config table if:
    - the upgrade is from 16.10 or before
    - and the institution is using a configurable theme
    If there are institutions with 'customthemeupdate' set we add a warning
    that the institution settings need to be re-saved.
    Once the settings for an institution have been re-saved we clear the
    flag for that institution
    Steps to test:
    1) Have a 16.04 version site
    2) Create three institutions, two with a configurable themes
    3) Checkout the patch and run upgrade
    4) On clicking 'Continue' you should see the warning message
    5) On going to Admin dashboard you should see message there also
    6) Edit / save one of the institions
    7) Confirm that institution is not listed
    8) Do for the other and see warning now gone
    Change-Id: I844d8e8bcb9be81a29f36cb101da1c61b41b10a9